Wednesday, December 3, 2008

just go to hell bitch!

im trying to be gud gud person . im try to fwens wif anyone, then they making fucking shit story bout me . oh why ? i want to ask you bitch , wut wrong wif you la idiot?? huh~ i thought you be a gud person && so perfect than me . oh but im wrong ,oke fine dude! i can control my everything bout *angry* now, but if you talk bout shit again hurm should i giving you some smile ? oh no oke. its not my way ! wtf?! ~ if you be a gud for me , i'll be better ! && if u making shit or wut oh just wait && see wut i'll do oke?

hey bitch ! if you dunno wut is going on , just shut up ur mouth oke? && just go to hell . hey give me some space la ngok * jgn ingat awak itu so good than anyone . somebody ade gak weakness nye .
aper la . wut the hell ? oh you want playing a gme wif me ke? jumjum . but i think u'll be lost in our game la bcuz i end of da game . so i deserve it ! haha last word only say gudbye stupid ! ;]]