Monday, December 8, 2008

kegilaan aku

Famous Amos ! yupyup kegilaan aku ! ke mane jua pergi shopping complex wajib beli , but kekadang tak beli just lalu ambik bau ajew . hee ;]] tataw nak create pe sgt pasal ne . yang penting aku mahu bilang yummy sedap sedap gegile . oh di hasilkan oleh * wally amos .

The Famous Amos cookies story ;

Originally, wally amos a true cookie lover, baked cookies in his home to share with his friends. In 1975* haha year of national day la , he perfected his special recipe to create the ultimate choc chip cookies. he then started his own company with the commitment to use only the bestt indgredients , like rich choc && flavorful nuts . those homemade-tasting cookies were so special tht they got famous just by word of mouth . today, FAMOUS AMOS cookies still meet these high standards && are enjoyed by all true cookies lovers. so enjoy the special recipe && homemade taste tht made Amos famous !

kesukaan aku ;)