Tuesday, February 7, 2012


happy with him
nothing can replace him
his my only one
my soul,my heart,my mind,my eyes,my body
my nose,my lips erk ohh my my my .... 
everything for him

with hug && kiss


FieQ said...

huhuhu..WOW!!!the best word that can describe about it...it is sooo sweet syg...i'm adore u dear...from 6 years ago...I love you so much syg!!!damn much!!!

miss you dyan...i miss you so much!!!

FieQ said...

I Love you Forever Dyan!!! <3 with hug n kisses =]

Dyan Myiaa said...

: heeee (: tataw nk kata ape dh (: iloveyoutoo my dear, mmmwahhhh :D

Ejam said...

bila nak kawen cik Dyanz? nanti jemput.. :)